ARV Story

Hetero is one of the world’s largest producer of anti-retroviral (ARV) finished formulations and APIs. The company’s commitment towards HIV/AIDS treatment started way back in 1997, and soon transformed it into a leading supplier of affordable APIs for anti-retroviral finished formulations.

It's pioneering efforts in anti-retroviral therapy has not only helped it to build a strong product portfolio of over 30 ARV combinations but also made it a partner of choice for aid agencies like UNICEF, PAHO, CHAI and IDA Foundation.

As on today, about 4.5 million HIV/AIDS patients are on ARV formulations manufactured by Hetero not to mention the APIs supplied to several finished dosage manufacturing companies, catering to treatment of additional 7,00,000 patients.

This translates to about one third of HIV/AIDS patients undergoing treatment are using API and formulations produced by Hetero.Supported by dedicated ARV manufacturing facilities and committed R&D, Hetero is efficiently catering to the ever increasing demand for ARVs across the globe. At Hetero, we believe in not only the survival of our patients but also to offer a superior quality of life.