Why Hetero

Hetero that began its journey as an API manufacturer, today, has expanded to all stages of pharmaceutical manufacturing, including novel research and commercial sales. Hetero has concentrated on key products where new approaches to synthesis and large scale production continue to bring significant value to the global market.

The company's commitment to reliability, quality and value is unrivalled and has been at the heart of its operations since its inception in 1993. By leveraging it vertically integrated regime, Hetero offers uniquely valued proposition to customers by inspiring quality and cost efficiencies across the entire manufacturing process.

Few companies compare to Hetero's expertise in process research & chemistry, API manufacturing, formulation development and manufacturing. With over 300 Drug Master Files across most therapeutic categories and emergence as world leader in the production of anti-retroviral drugs for the treatment of HIV/AIDS bear testimony to our expertise.

With the dedication and support of more than 15,000 employees globally, Hetero has been able to provide access to best and innovative medicines to patients in over 120 countries and has significantly impacted human health throughout the world.

However beyond its size, scope of products, global footprint and financial stability, Hetero has built its reputation as a strong business partner on three fundamental attributes, being: Reliable, Capable and Value- Driven.

Hetero is Reliable

Hetero offers a proven history providing reliable supply of both drug substance and drug product to most of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and is the largest manufacturer and supplier of APIs and intermediates to the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Hetero’s reputation has attracted the most experienced and dedicated project managers, facilitating best-in-class customer/plant communications for transfers and production. Hetero also maintains world-class client relationships and communication, with typically 20 customer audits/sites per year.

In addition, Hetero’s cGMP-compliant manufacturing facilities are approved by the highest regulatory authorities in each region (e.g., US FDA, Australian TGA, Spanish Agency of Medicines & Healthcare Products, ANVISA-Brazil, IDA-Netherlands, etc. For pharmaceutical companies seeking a trusted supplier of APIs, finished dosages, and custom pharmaceutical services, Hetero is your Reliable partner.

Hetero is Capable

As a leader in the global pharmaceutical industry, Hetero demonstrates its capabilities across a number of dimensions including quality, capacity, portfolio and special capabilities.

Quality:  With an integrated quality system to ensure adherence to cGMP practices, Hetero is committed to quality and its manufacturing facilities are approved by global regulatory agencies. In addition, Hetero continues to invest in adoption of advanced machinery, technologies and capabilities to ensure that it inspires highest level of quality standards.

Capacity:  With more than 25 manufacturing facilities across the globe, including five plants in Special Economic Zones, Hetero can effortlessly scale up to product demands of both APIs and Formulations in huge quantities.Hetero is endowed with Asia’s largest SEZ complex with over 1000 reactors dedicated for manufacturing of APIs.

In the US, Hetero operates two oral solid dose formulation facilities with multi-billion unit capacities. In addition, Hetero produces 40% of the world’s supply of anti-retroviral drugs.



Portfolio:  Hetero’s portfolio includes US drug master files for over 300 APIs, and over 150 US ANDAs that have been filed. Additionally, the company has obtained approvals for marketing drugs globally in a wide range of therapeutic categories.

Special Capabilities: Hetero’s wide range of capabilities include finished dosage forms (sterile, pre-filled syringe, tablet, capsule, liquid oral dosage, ointments and soft gels), US DEA Schedule II drugs, and biosimilar monoclonal antibody products.

Also, with strong manufacturing development in both drug substance and drug product, Hetero is a leader in specialized therapeutic areas (including oncology and anti-retroviral drugs).

Hetero is Value Driven

At Hetero, our objective is to leverage expertise across the pharmaceutical value chain to deliver cost-effective solutions for our partners. Hetero’s fully vertical integration of products and services ensures most cost-competitive supply of pharmaceutical APIs and finished dosage products. In addition, Hetero’s multiple API and Formulation sites located in Special Economic Zones significantly bolsters the cause.